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angie_1987 in angie_jensen

Jensen avATaRs + 2 baNNERS

**20 icons**

~*~2 baNNeRS~*~


So fucking hot - yeah you said it!!!! I love Jensen with his glasses!
yes ,,,:)) me 2! is so sexy with that glasses ...
Okay wow that man is seriously too attractive. I love the banners, they’re amazing – you managed to pull all the textures together and make it look more than appealing. (Definitely helps that Jensen is the main subject but damn you have skill. :D)

Love them! I’ll credit if I nab any later on. Thanks for sharing!
i like your comm..thank you
Excellent coloring and i like that you put them all in a post :)
i learned & i something :))) thanks
Wow love all of these, taking a banner, will credit XD
thanks! i'm glade u want use them
these were great! snagged the second one! will credit when use.
i see more amazing icons
ilove it!
keep them coming