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angie_1987 in angie_jensen

JeNsen StuFFs= 1 wall + 1 banner+ 10 skins 4 winamp

10 skins 4 winamp


This lovely art is a feast for the eyes :D
ooh thanks ..u always comm. my stuffs :*
amazing. Took the wallpaper. Thanks alot =) Love your stuff =)
thanks & I
Ooooh awesome! Me loves :D
thank you so much
Guhhh, the colors are so awesome.
;)) thanks a lot
these are gorgeous as always...!!
beeyootiful colours..!!
thanks :*
Great! Unique style! So vibrant! I haven't seen anything like these before!
hihihi ..i'm glade you like my stuffs
awww...... thank you sweetie, love the skinamps

thats a wonderful x-mas present for me, thanks ♥
you're welcome
Oo That's gorgeous! Love what you did the effects/colors :]
thier amazing
i really love your header,though
jensen IS a drug
thanks a lot & M' x-Mas ...
I had a problem with the skins it downloaded as a .rar file and computer does not know what to do with it. Any Advice?!?!?

I love the banner and wallpaper though SO COOL!! I snagged both and will create if I use.
u need a program...and the name at this program is winrar...give extract here at that archives with skins..and that it's all...i hope u understand something :))