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~GiFFs~ JENSEN in DaRk AnGeL-2x01,2x02,2x03

Dark Angel-2x01

Dark Angel-2x02

DarK Angel-2x03


Wonderful icons - I don't have any animated Dark Angel ones - I've grabbed quite a few and will credit when I use them.

If I can be cheeky - I've a comm called jensenheaven that's for Jensen related posts. Would you be willing to post links to your wonderful creations there?
i'm glade u like my stuffs...sure i will post my stuffs there ...kisses
You rock my socks! Thanks so much for this! :-)
you're welcome
Hee! I love Dark Angel and Jensen. I snagged a few. Will credit when using. Thank you.
eeeeee, Dark Angel animations, well done. You picked some great scenes.....THANK YOU !!!
Frell, I miss DA, even after all these years. Season 3 would have been teh best ever !!! *smacks everyone involved in the cancelation*
GAK! I love them... I want them all!!!
yay DA Icons. I never got the chance to watch all DA episodes cuz back then I watched it because of Jessica Alba, but I have only seen like 3 episodes. But now since I know that Jensen is in it I started to watch it again and now I watch all of the episodes....can't wait til Jensen's appearance. =D

I saved all the icons and when I use one I'll definitely credit. Amazing work =)
Just wanted to let you know your icon post was deleted from 67impala since it's a community only for the the '67 Impala on Supernatural, not Jensen or Jensen in any of his roles (including Dean Winchester). Just the car! ;)

Nice animations, though!
i'm sorry..sometimes i'm so silly
I've been downloading Dark Angel for about a month now and it's finally almost done. These make for an awesome teaser! 2x03 looks especially hot. :)
Gorgeous, love!!

*hugs you*
Oh God! These are breathtaking :D
Merry Christmas, hun!
M' X-mAs and u..kisses
thanks...i will do giffs of all episodes..

thanks 4 comm. girls..kisses
Oh man. These are one of the best Jensen-icons I've ever seen. Absolutely amazing work!
oh alec
ive missed him so muhc
my fave one is all the ones where hes in the ring
and my fave shot is a worms eye viewe form the floor and its like wow
Oh I love them! Great work!
OMG! These are totally, freakin’ amazing! You’ve got me squeeing right now! Thanx so much for sharing these wonderful animated icons of our gorgeous Jensen! Snagged the lot! Will credit if used. Can’t wait to see more of Jensen from DA!

Hope you had a great Xmas and wishing you all the best for 2008!
thanks!i wish u too a happy new year..
HaPPy new Year too All..
Wonderful icons! You're great!
ah i snagged a lot. Will credit when use.^^
Like them a lot. Wonderful work^^
Grabbing bunches-always love animated ones. Will credit. Thanks
Good God! I really have to try to get my hands on the DA DVD's! Super hot icons!
Taking the second and third one thanks :)
They're so wonderful. I wached two first episodes of season 2 today. And I love Alec so much. Awwwwwww!

I'd like use fourth icon from episode 2x01 but it has too much size to live-journal :( It has almost 250 kb and on life journal the most is 40 kb :( So, I can't.