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angie_1987 in angie_jensen

~GiFFs with Jensen~Ten Inch Hero Trailer


Adorable!! took the one of Jensen dancing =)
These are great, thanks! I'm going to see the movie at the film festival on February 1st - I'm excited.

I'm saving the one of Priestly dancing...too funny!
OH I envy you! Sneak in a video recorder. LOL! kidding. . .just be sure to mention all us fans that aren't close to a screening!!
i love them!!!

i'll just take the Jensen, k? *flails*

(i'm not snagging any, cause i need another icon like i need another hole in the head.)
HAHA Thank you so much for making these. They're so hilarious

Priestly dancing is freakin hilarious!
Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
By the way, i tried to use two Alec gif you made last time but they are too big for lj, can you fix them?
Is ganking for future usage and rotation.

*kneels at the alter of Priestly*

Oooh... hey.. you're wearing your kilt... *waggles eyebrows*

Iz niiiiiice

I was about to beg someone to make an icon of the "dance session" because it's hilarious! So Thanx a bunch and I'm aking #4 wit hyour credit.
YAY ANIMATIONS!!! Great scenes! They are so funny and he looks so adorable! I want this move now!!!
I love the icons XD.

You stole mi idea...hehehe...Tahnk you for sharing sweetie...Great job!!
*saves the last one* That part made me giggle. And saving the dance too.
These are absolutely amazing! I totally luv these! You rock!

I was wondering if you’d be willing to make a couple of your Jensen SV ones lj user friendly. I’d be v. grateful if you please could. Please let me know, and I’ll tell you which ones.


ooh! ooh!! ooh!!!!! may i flail and fall in love with these?!?! i wish i could see this film =[ but the giffs will suffice.............. for now... heh heh =]
awesome icons. snagged the one of jensen dancing. so cool. cant wait for the movie either XD
Great. Love you for this!!!!
I love the one with him dancing. Thank you
Cool, thanks for sharing! :D


Oh very nice icons I cannot wait to see this movie :)