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Dec. 15th, 2007


Jensen in SmaLLviLLE 4x16


Jensen in SmaLLviLLE 4x15


Jensen in SmaLLviLLE 4x14


Jensen in SmaLLviLLE 4x13


Jensen in SmaLLviLLE 4x12


Jensen in SmaLLviLLE 4x11

Dec. 13th, 2007


(no subject)

Jensen Ackles [Dean Winchester]

SCI-FI: How did you get the chance to be Dean?

Jensen: David Nutter, the director of the show's Pilot, had already worked with me and Jared. He talked about us for the TV show and the CW was interested. I was working on Smallville and Jared on Gilmore Girls, that means, we were in the house [Laughs]. When we got the audition they already knew we were the right actors for the show. And they told us right away, in the auditions room. I've never had this before. And the executive producers just told Gilmore Girls and Smallville that they should take us off. That's it!

SCI-FI: A trite question but... have you ever had any experience with supernatural things?

Jensen: Actually, not personally. I'm sure Jared has some things to tell you about this. I'm a realistic kind of person, I think that there's always an explanation here on Earth for these supernatural things.

SCI-FI: But you like having Holy Water, right?

Jensen: Ah, sure, of course. Holy water, salt, guns. [Laughs]

SCI-FI: Normal, right?

Jensen: Everything that's normal. [Laughs] Actually, no, but it's funny, we were shooting and someone asked me about some things that could be in scene and I started saying some things and thought, "Gosh, I really know these things". We learn with the show. That's really cool. it's unique.

SCI-FI: Are you supersticious?

Jensen: Actually, I'm not. I really don't like passing under the ladder, but, I'm not using the same socks during two months just because it makes me lucky.

SCI-FI: Did you do any research to create your character? With ghost hunters or reading anything?

Jensen: Eric [Kripke] gave us some books about urban legends to read and some DVDs like Joseph Campbell's, something like that. We read about mythology and legends. That means, I did a little research. But I was worried about preparing myself for the fight scenes and with the guns better. The myths and legends we learned them, let's just say, during the episodes, because a new legend showed up in each episode, that's interesting.

SCI-FI: Do you think Dean will have any paranormal ability, like Sam someday?

Jensen: I don't think so. We are more like Star Wars, Luke has his destiny as a Jedi, meanwhile Han Solo is just a fighter, a warrior. Dean's more like Han Solo, and Sam's like Luke. And Solo's there to take care of Luke, like Dean does with Sam. You saw what happened in the season finale of the second season, so...

SCI-FI: Has anyone ever done anything crazy for you?

Jensen: I wouldn't say crazy, but we always get some girls adresses and numbers'. [Laughs] And, once, a woman got my house phone number and started telling me how much she was devoted to us.

SCI-FI: Are there people who go up to you telling ghost stories and supernatural experiences?

Jensen: Yeah, yeah... actually, they asked me what to do in a haunted house. And I simply told: "I have no idea". [Laughs]

SCI-FI: What can you tell us about the third season?

Jensen: Nothing! You have to watch to know! [Laughs] Actually the third season is more focused on hunting the arm that escaped from hell, but also the brothers' personal life, the fact that Dean gave his life for Sam's. Let's see what's gonna happen!

SCI-FI: Thanks for your time Jensen. The Brazilian fans thank you too.

Jensen: You're welcome! I have to say thank you for all the love that comes from Brazil!


(no subject)

2 banner 4 my LJ :D


Jensen In SmaLLvillE 4x10


Jensen In SmaLLvillE 4x09

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